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Khata made easy

A Khata is one of the most important documents for any property tax assessment. It is an account of assessment of a property, recording details about the property such as its size, location, and built-up area for the purpose of payment of property tax. It is mandatory for all property owners/holders to pay property tax, and hence they need a Khatsa. All property owners/holders who hold property within the Bangalore City Corporation (BCC) jurisdiction are eligible to obtain a Khata. It is issued by the BCC. A title deed is the document through which a person deriver’s a title or ownership of property.

The Government recently launched the Sarala khata scheme. This scheme was an initiative of the Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF). In this scheme, the process of applying for a Khata has been considerably simplified. The steps are being made clear and transparent to help the people understand the process.

The scheme will enable the people to apply for a Khata along with the payment of property tax as an optional measure. A person no longer needs to have a Khata in order to pay property tax. He can pay property tax. He can pay along with the application for registration of Khata. A khata will be issued between 15 and 30 days of application.

Khata certificate

A khata certificate can be obtained by the owner of a property on payment of Rs 25 per property, subject to the condition that the property tax has been paid. It can be obtained from any of the citizen service centers or from the 30 revenue range offices.

Khata extract

A khata extract of any property may be obtained by anybody on payment of Rs 100 per property at the citixen service centers and revenue range offices. These Khazta certificates and extracts will be issued within two days from the date of filing the application.

Khata registration

Application for Khata registration may be filed in any of the citizen service centers along with the prescribed documents. The Sarala Khata Scheme book gives all the details about the Revenue Department documents to be filed, fees to be paid, schedule of time for the services and also the rates for assessment of property tax under the self-assessment scheme.

Applications for Khata transfer may be filed in any of the citizen service centers along with the prescribed documents.

PID number

A property identification number (PID number) is a unique number given to all the properties in the city. The first three digits indicate the remaining part of the number indicates the new municipal number of the property.

Property tax details

The BCC has published property tax details of all assessed properties in 100 wards available in a computerized database. Information can be viewed ward-wise by selecting the zone, range and ward on its website.

When a person holds the title to a property, he can apply for inclusion of his name in the Khata, furnishing the title documents. Where the title documents are not furnished and the property is in possession of an occupant, it will be assessed to property tax registering the Khata as ‘holder’ in the interest of BCC’s revenue. This ‘holder Khata’ will be regularized on production of title deeds and payment of improvement charges.

Citizen service centers

  • BCC Head Office, NR Square.
  • Public Utility Building, MG Road.
  • Bhashyam Park, Malleswaram.
  • Jayanagar 2nd Block.

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